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Interview with Jimmy and Christine Moore on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise

Jimmy is a much more experienced interviewer than I am (and it shows in the recording). I had intended to keep the interview short, but that ended up being difficult for two reasons: 1) Jimmy and Christine are really interesting people, and 2) I managed to take up a lot of time rambling on random topics. Continue reading

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My 2nd Podcast, This Time With Tom Naughton

Yes, that Tom Naughton! I had the opportunity to interview Tom this afternoon, and we spent about a half-hour chatting. I got about 20 minutes worth Read more […]

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I Recorded my First “Podcast” with Jimmy and Christine Moore

In my last post, I declared that I was going to do something completely different (at least for me). Well, I did, but it ended up taking more time than Read more […]

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Wednesday on the Low Carb Cruise – We’re in Jamaica, Mon!

Good morning! Today is Wednesday, the first port day of the cruise. This morning, Howard and I had an opportunity, finally, to eat in the Main Dining Room Read more […]

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