Paleo Achieves FAD Status!

IndependentLivingLogoLast week, I wrote about the Coconut Oil fad. Well, this week’s discovery tops that. The new fad is Paleo.

How’s that, you ask?

Some background first. I have managed to get on several email lists having to do with politics, the economy, and related topics. You know “sign up and get this freebie” type things. I have a “throw-away” email account that I use for that sort of thing.

One of those email lists is from a group that keeps predicting the imminent collapse of the US currency, and wants me to send them a substantial amount of that currency for a newsletter that will supposedly keep me informed on the subject. With a discount for a 3-year subscription. Now you know why I use throw-away email accounts for this garbage.

I haven’t bothered to unsubscribe from that list because I find it interesting just in terms of the techniques they use to sell stuff.

This week, I got a particularly ironic (yeah, even more so than the example above) email on the “Paleo Pill.” Here’s the start of the newsletter, with some of my comments interlaced:

Google listed “Paleo” as the most-searched diet of 2013 and I couldn’t be happier.

Yup. Hence your attempt to connect your new pill with the popular search term.

By going back to what our Paleo ancestors ate, you can reignite your body’s built-in fat burner… and drop a TON of excess FAT.

I don’t weigh a ton, so that would be difficult. I do have some weight to lose, but this has pegged my BS detector already.

But if NOTHING you’ve tried has produced any results—including Paleo—there’s something you should know.

The modern world has wrecked your metabolism.

So … DO NOT take another supplement, or try another diet until you see THIS. [link deleted]

Standard hype. I’ve seen this pattern enough times that I tend to ignore it.

I’m America’s ONLY practicing “Paleo MD,” and I designed a simple way to jump start your fat burning, and bypass the problems that sabotage your weight loss goals.

There was smoke coming out of my BS detector at this point, since I have personally met other MDs who advocate something very similar to Paleo.

Turns out this was a “solo ad” from a Dr. Barry Sears. I followed Dr. Sears for a while about a decade ago, until I figured out that his main talent was holding his finger in the wind to see which way the money was blowing. Sorta like Dr. Oz or Dr. Mercola.

Any rate, you can tell when some trend in nutrition has achieved fad status, and that’s when you see the “magic pill” that lets you get all of the benefits with none of the effort.

I actually had something else I wanted to post today, and that is an interview I had over Skype with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt this week. It went a bit longer than I anticipated, and therefore is taking longer to edit, but I should have it up in a day or so.

I just wanted to get this rant off my chest first.

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