Tobacco is GOOD for you! (Oh, wait, that’s Coca Cola)

Coca Cola has paid “trusted health authorities” to tell people that their sugar-laden beverage is actually good for you.

I’m not even sure where to begin on this…

Here’s where Tom Naughton would start: HEAD. BANG. ON. DESK.

It smacks of the health claims for cigarettes in ads that I remember seeing as a teenager, back before tobacco ads were stricken from TV.

One of the things that I banished from my diet when I started my low-carb lifestyle in 1999 was all cola beverages. The ones with sugar were banished because of the carb counts. The ones with artificial sweeteners were banished because they had a bad taste. At least until one came out with sucralose as its sweetener — after a short stint of drinking Diet Rite cola sweetened with sucralose, I eliminated that from my diet because it brought back my restless leg syndrome (RLS).

WheatBellyTotalHealthI think that the only thing that has given me more dramatic health improvement than the elimination of cola beverages from my life has been the elimination of FrankenWheat.

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