About Howard

Howard HarknessHi, I’m Howard. I do a number of things, mostly computer-related. I earn my living as an embedded systems software engineer. However, I have a number of other side interests, including several other blogs. Among those is my personal or “vanity” site, HowardLeeHarkness.com

This blog, which I’ve pretty much taken over since my wife is now heavily involved in her FBA business, chronicles the on-going journey that my wife and I have followed over the last 20 years from our morbid obesity to better health. We talk about the pitfalls and obstacles we encountered (and continue to encounter) along the way, as well as our successes.


This is a photo of my wife and me in early 2000 — after we had both lost about 30 lbs. I’m sorry I don’t have a better photo from that period. In this photo, I weighed about 330 lbs. I used two collar extenders on that 20-inch neck shirt.

I initially started another blog on diet & health, in which I actively sought after guest authors. Although that was a (marginal) commercial success, and I’m still running it, I am not really happy with it. While there are some good articles there, most of the writing is what I would consider substandard. I am still working on improving that site, but in the meantime, I’m a lot more interested in this one.

I hope that you find what my wife and I have to say here worth your time.