Cholesterol Inversion Pattern

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Last time I went for a blood test, I fasted for 5 days prior to the test, and my cholesterol went WAY up. To 307, up nearly 100 higher than when my primary care provider told me she was going to give me a prescription for statins. Back then, I told her that, no, she wasn’t, and ordered her never to bring up the subject of statins in my presence again — an order which, thankfully, she obeyed even when she saw 307 on the report. I’m guessing she reviewed the notes from our prior appointment before she saw me.

While I was on the 2017 Low Carb Cruise, I attended the presentation by Dr. Phinney’s lecture, where he mentioned the “inversion pattern” as being an explanation of that phenomenon. So, I wondered, just exactly what could be done about it?

This afternoon, I came across this video by Dave Feldman:

I almost chose not to watch that video because it’s 45 minutes long. But I’m really glad I did. I stuck through to the very end of the Q&A session, which also had some “Aha!” moments. I was disappointed when he ran out of time and had to stop speaking.

I recommend you watch all of it, too. If you are so inclined, and have the necessary resources, I also recommend you try his protocol and share your results with him. I linked the image at the top of this blog entry to his website.

When I go in for the next blood test my VA MC primary care “Doctor” orders (in October), I will do 5 days of 5000 calories/day before the test, almost all saturated fat. I will limit protein to about 100g/day, and go as close to zero carbohydrates as I can manage. Dave warned in the video that will be a challenge…

I’ll let you know how that comes out. Good, bad, or indifferent. Maybe I will prove Dave Feldman wrong. Somehow, I doubt it.

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