The COVID-19 Hype

The thing I've noticed most often so far about the various stories dealing with COVID-19 is that they are full of hype written by people going off half-cocked Read more [...]
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Greek-Style Yogurt with no Draining!

In our household, we have made our own yogurt for years. Well, I say "we," but Georgene has actually done all of the preparation. We have been through Read more [...]
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Cholesterol Inversion Pattern

O. M. G... Last time I went for a blood test, I fasted for 5 days prior to the test, and my cholesterol went WAY up. To 307, up nearly 100 higher than Read more [...]
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HEAL Clinics – Interview with Dr. Westman, Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, and “Hurricane” Melanie Miller

I tried to get an interview with Dr. Westman back in 2014, but we couldn't get our schedules coordinated. I did get to speak with Dr. Westman, along with Read more [...]
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Interview with Franziska Spritzler, the Low-Carb Dietician

I heard that Franziska Spritzler was not going to be on the 2017 Low-Carb Cruise, so I contacted her and asked if she would be available to do a recorded Read more [...]
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OMG!! Calcium Supplements Could Give You a Heart Attack!!!!

Yes, I know, I've been away from the blog for too long. I've allowed Facebook to eat into my time (as if I weren't already busy enough). Any rate, Read more [...]
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The 2016 Low-Carb Cruise

Well, Mrs. N=1 and I have discussed our financial situation, and while we aren't exactly destitute, we are in the process of buying a new house, and we Read more [...]
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