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The COVID-19 Hype

The thing I’ve noticed most often so far about the various stories dealing with COVID-19 is that they are full of hype written by people going off half-cocked Read more […]

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Cholesterol Inversion Pattern

O. M. G… Last time I went for a blood test, I fasted for 5 days prior to the test, and my cholesterol went WAY up. To 307, up nearly 100 higher than Read more […]

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OMG!! Calcium Supplements Could Give You a Heart Attack!!!!

Yes, I know, I’ve been away from the blog for too long. I’ve allowed Facebook to eat into my time (as if I weren’t already busy enough). Any rate, Read more […]

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Tobacco is GOOD for you! (Oh, wait, that’s Coca Cola)

Coca Cola has paid “trusted health authorities” to tell people that their sugar-laden beverage is actually good for you. I’m not even sure where Read more […]

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WHO says to cut Sugar Consumption to 5%-10% of Diet

Back when I was a teenager, my aunt “informed” me that fat was bad, and sugar was ok because there were only 18 calories in a teaspoon. That little Read more […]

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Interview with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt via Skype. Dr. Ballerstedt came to my attention a couple of months ago when a link to his site Read more […]

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Paleo Achieves FAD Status!

Last week, I wrote about the Coconut Oil fad. Well, this week’s discovery tops that. The new fad is Paleo. How’s that, you ask? Some background Read more […]

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