Interview with Jimmy and Christine Moore

Jimmy_and_Christine_2015Actually, Jimmy and Christine were the first folks we interviewed on the 2015 cruise. They were a delight, as usual, and we basically spent the time catching up with the events of the last year. I had actually gotten to see them in Durham, NC at a book signing for Keto Clarity just a few months before the cruise.

The lighting on this one was a bit strange, but it came out ok anyway. And, again, I got this one transcribed (although there were a few parts that did not come out clearly enough to get in the transcription).

Any rate, here is the video:

Howard: Once again, we get the pleasure of talking to Jimmy and Christine.

Jimmy: What’s up, Howard?

Christine: Hey!

Howard: Been a whole year. My year has been pretty good. I understand that your year’s had some challenges.

Jimmy: Well I mean, it’s been, since we last talked, I released a book so that’s been some good things. Lately, challenges, yeah. We’ll certainly talk about those.

Howard: Well, I ran into you at your book signing.

Jimmy: Yep. In Durham, yeah.

Howard: And I got your signature on…

Jimmy: That and $2 will get you a cup of coffee at Denny’s.

Howard: Hey, someday it’ll be a classic.

Christine: There you go.

Howard: And you guys just finished doing a run.

Jimmy: Well, I did.

Christine: I was still in bed.

Jimmy: She was sleeping and I went down to get her a coffee.

Christine: My breakfast.

Jimmy: But I wanted to motivate some of the cruisers that we’re doing a little 5k run. So I’m still sweating a little bit. I’ll wipe it off. Thank you, Georgene.

Howard: We don’t really need to do the full introductions anymore ‘cuz I can just put a link to last year’s and the year before that.

Jimmy: Yep and the year we missed it.

Howard: We never missed it. So what’s up with you? You finished your book. You don’t have anything in the pipe right now, right?

Jimmy: So I have a new cookbook coming out with Maria Emmerich who was on this ship last year. Did you guys… have you heard of her?

Georgene: Yes. I remember I followed her for a long time and then you know met her on the cruise.

Jimmy: Yep. So after last year’s cruise, when Keto Clarity did very well, the publisher came back within 2 weeks and said we want a cookbook. And I was like – you know my idea of cooking is throw, throw, mix, stir? I don’t measure a quarter cup of this, a teaspoon of that… that’s like work. And when I cook, I relax. And I make her stuff all the time. Do I do a good job?

Christine: He does a wonderful job. Goodness, he does.

Georgene: Yeah, I’ve seen the job that he does.

Jimmy: But I don’t measure anything. It’s all eyeballed. So when they wanted like a precise cookbook, I went – Oh, you mean like a quarter cup and how many calories and how many fat gram? No. I can’t do that. But can I get somebody to help me? Oh yeah, you need a co-author. So first person I called was Maria Emmerich. She self-published 7 books on her own. Highly, highly successful self-published author. So the way I had to like pitch it to her was – you know, we could hit the New York Times Bestseller’s list with this book. And she went – Ooh. You know, it intrigued her a little bit. ‘cuz then every book she writes thereafter, even she self-publishes, New York Times Bestseller of… You know so she was kinda bought in. She’s a little scared. So I told her it’s gonna be okay.

Howard: And by the way, for those folks who are watching this, the disembodied voice from behind the camera is Georgene.

Jimmy and Christine: Hi Georgene!

Georgene: I’m back here.

Jimmy: Did you say disembodied? That’s something I would never call her. She’s fully embodied baby. She’s bodied, there we go.

Georgene: Well I am too except you just can’t see me.

Jimmy and Howard: The voice is there.

Howard: Oh so you got a cookbook in the works…

Jimmy: So that’s coming July 28th. Probably by the time you air this, it might be out… so…

Howard: Probably. Right now I’m in a state of chaos because I just got a new job in Oklahoma. And we’ll be moving up there over the next couple of weeks. And I actually start a week from Monday. So the time for editing and getting all this stuff ready…

Christine: Not a lot of time.

Jimmy: Trust me, I understand.

Howard: Your book will be out before this actually gets published.

Jimmy: Three years ago that book was great.

Howard: Barring any technical disasters. That won’t be 3 years.

Jimmy: Just kidding, buddy.

Howard: So what else you got?

Jimmy: So… yeah go ahead.

Christine: I just wanna go say we planted a little garden for the first time.

Jimmy: Never done that before.

Christine: Hopefully the people that are watching the house are watering the plants.

Jimmy: [To camera] Please water our plants.

Christine: Yeah. We’ve got zucchini; we’ve got dill, basil, cilantro, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, globe tomatoes, sweet peppers…

Jimmy: And the partridge in the pear tree…

Howard: Somebody likes tomatoes?

Christine: He does. I don’t like them but I planted all 3 for him.

Georgene: You don’t have any flooding problems?

Jimmy: No. Not right now. It’s a little bit dry where we are. And then we’re enclosing in our backyard with a new fence so we can put chickens back there. We’re allowed up to 3 chickens. So I can put down some eggs. So 3 chickens I think will do about a dozen-ish a day.

Christine: He’s already picked up the chicken coop.

Howard: I don’t think so… 3 chickens you’ll be lucky with 3 a day.

Jimmy: or 8 to 9…

Christine: I think we can have up to 6 chickens.

Jimmy: Anyway, we’re gonna have some chickens.

Georgene: Usually, a normal hen, a happy hen, will lay only 1 egg a day. Unless you have some way of encouraging them to think that one day occurs more often than it really does. But you’ll find out.

Jimmy: We’ll eat whatever they pop out.

Christine: That’s right.

Howard: And you know, feed them with things like bugs and grass.

Jimmy: Oh yeah. We learned that from Dana in her house where she fed them the left over bacon fat and stuff.

Howard: They will eat anything. When I was up in Raleigh, I bought some duck eggs and the guy had several acorn trees. He had acorns all over the place.

Jimmy: Acorn? Is that what you said?

Howard: Acorn. A-C-O-R-N.

Jimmy: In the south we got A-corn.

Georgene: Well, generally it’s called an oak tree and they drop acorns or acorns.

Howard: Anyway, the ducks would eat those and it made the yolks turn green.

Jimmy: Green eggs and ham.

Howard: Green eggs. And that was one of the first things I did, that you got some ham and I hit up an article on the blog about green eggs and ham.

Jimmy: Yes I am.

Howard: They didn’t taste any different. But my understanding is that doesn’t really make for a highly nutritious egg anyway.

Jimmy: Does an acorn have omega 6 fats? Like I guess other nuts?

Howard: No idea.

Jimmy: I don’t eat acorns so I have no idea.

Georgene: I don’t think acorns are edible by humans. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

Jimmy: Look that up in Google.

Howard: Anyways, if you have 6 chickens back there, you’ll be likely have 4-6 eggs a day.

Jimmy: I don’t think we’ll eat 6.

Howard: But I could do 4-6 eggs a day.

Jimmy: Yeah, absolutely.

Howard: Oh, and the squash, what you wanna do is get some weak, soapy water (not detergent water but soap) and spray around the base of it to keep the – there’s this little bug that will eat right around… it’ll ring it and will kill your plant overnight.

Christine: Oh wow.

Howard: Want to know how I know that?

Christine: Experience?

Howard: Went out one morning… and this thing was just pumping out squashes… and all of a sudden I went out one morning, it was completely dead.

Christine: Wow. That’s disappointing. All that hard work you put into it.

Howard: Yeah, but soapy water makes a really good bug repellant. Just a weak solution of soapy water. Spray it on the leaves and it doesn’t hurt the plant.

Christine: You’re sleeping on the floor tonight.

Jimmy: So as per usual.

Howard: Anyway, so it doesn’t hurt the plants then you just watch them off.

Christine: Good Idea. Thank you.

Jimmy: Get on to that.

Christine: I will when we get home.

Georgene: Haven’t they… ya’ll been to Australia again this year?

Jimmy: Yes… so I’ve done two international trips so we did Australia and New Zealand in November.

Howard: And South Africa, right?

Jimmy: Oh I’m getting to South Africa but I’m still in Australia and New Zealand so we did 10 cities. 2000 people came out to those in fact one was the biggest audience I’ve ever talked to before was in Tasmania. And that was 600 people just at that… Now that’s a pretty dynamic [indistinct].

Howard: Everybody’s sticking out their globe or going to google map.

Jimmy: Well they call it Tassie. Yes it’s right off the edge of Australia. It’s on the right side but it’s fabulous in fact I told Christine if I ever want to go to a secluded place to write a book, I’d go to Tassie.

Christine: We’d move to Tassie.

Jimmy: Oh yeah. And they have an interesting food culture there. There’s a guy that has a company called Tassie Tallow. So it’s like beef tallow. They don’t say Tasmania and we say Melbourne (they say Mel-bun). It’s an interesting cult and I love Australia. I will go there anytime soon.

Howard: So you gave talks… was that sponsored by somebody?

Jimmy: So they had a group put together called the low carb down under event. And we went in 2012 I think you guys interviewed us that time when we’ve done that one or about to do that one. And so that went really well. And I have never given a speech before I think that’s when I told you guys I’ve never done a talk at all until they said… ‘cuz the guys that organized that actually went to this cruise 3 or 4 years ago.

Georgene: Yes.

Jimmy: And Rod Taylor and Jaime Hays [sp?} and they got back – hey we wanna do a low carb under event, who can we get to speak? Oh let’s ask Jimmy Moore.

Christine: Because he’s talked all over the place.

Jimmy: That’s what they thought. They thought I was just like a speaker everywhere. Anyway, told that story before. Now I got the book so they invited me back… now you can’t shut me up from talking. I love doing talks now. In fact I’m doing the talk that I did in Australia and New Zealand and in South Africa which I get to go to in February. In fact, 5 of our speakers this year were at the South Africa event.

Howard: Now the South Africa meaning that was a convention?

Jimmy: Scientific conference. It was medical doctors. Over 400 came.

Christine: Medical doctors and Jimmy Moore.

Jimmy: No, no, no, no. I’m talking in the audience. I’m not there yet she’s already blowing my punch line.

Christine: Sorry!

Jimmy: So there was 400+ medical doctors in this audience getting like CME credits for coming. It was in Cape Town South Africa. So yeah, we had Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, Dr. Jay Wortman, Dr. Ann Childers and… Jimmy Moore. Well there’s a bunch more Dr. Jason Fung, Gary Taubes was there.

Howard: Gary Taubes. He’s not a doctor.

Jimmy: He’s not, yeah. But he’s got some moxey in him. I forget a bunch of people. I mean everybody who’s anybody in the community. Steve Phinney was there, Dr. Steve Phinney.

Howard: He’s a PhD not an M.D.

Jimmy: No. He’s an M.D.

Howard: He is an M.D.?

Jimmy: It’s Volek that’s the PhD.

Howard: I’m thinking Volek.

Jimmy: He’s got research moxey so we can call him doctor all day. And he’s got credibility.

Howard: I enjoyed that film that we did on the dinner.

Jimmy: Yeah, Run on Fat Cereal Killers 2. Yeah they did a good job.

Howard: It has some surprising bits of information in it.

Jimmy: Like what?

Howard: Well, about that Ancel Keys being unable to get to…

Jimmy: Yeah, as vilified as he is in the community, I mean he was really trying to make amends for the ball that started rolling and is still rolling unfortunately in 2015.

Howard: He stated publicly in his writings that dietary cholesterol has no effect on heart disease. And we’ve always known that.

Jimmy: And the USDA dietary guidelines are finally catching up to that. That was one of the big announcements later this year. Was that they’re not finally gonna vilify dietary cholesterol which was so funny though when they announced that, they’re like – oh but still don’t eat more than one egg a day. I was like – what the heck? Is it or isn’t it? Which is it?

Howard: Which part of this do you not understand? So yeah.

Jimmy: I guess that’s the PC thing to do. Tell them it’s okay. Be careful with it.

Howard: Speaking of PC, I still don’t get this as well. Your experience doesn’t really count because…

Jimmy: It is just anecdotal. Although that’s changing in a scientific realm. I mean we’re seeing more and more sciences stepping up saying – you know what, the traditional data that we’ve been doing has failed us. So we need to start paying attention to…

Howard: I know why. Because every study that I read when I first started on this thing and I spent about a year and a half digging through as many studies that I can find. And there’s only one significant variable in all of them and it’s the same one – it’s money.

Jimmy: Well and it’s almost impossible to find a good quality nutritional study. ‘cuz there’s so many variables and usually they’re tracking weight. Okay. There’s a lot of things that impact weight besides diet and physical exercise. Those are the two things. What about the person’s sleep? You never know. What about the person’s existing insulin resistance or insulin sensitivity? You don’t know. What about stress? You don’t know. So I mean there’s hormonal imbalances…

Howard: And the whole toxins and environmental…

Jimmy: Obesogens yeah…

Howard: Obesogens like RoundUp…

Jimmy: Yeah. I know Dr. Stephanie [unitelligible] have been on that one for a bit. ‘cuz it’s messing up people’s cholesterol panels. There’s a chemical in RoundUp that’s actually…

Howard: Glyphosate.

Jimmy: Yes.

Howard: So low carb is wonderful, it’s great but it’s not the answer. It’s part of the answer.

Jimmy: And even low carb, I mean, I think we’re even getting in the way from that term as much anymore. I haven’t done my presentation yet as of this, but in my presentation, I actually show a google search and you see were low carbs kinda been stagnant and flat in the google searches but ketogenic has done this number. I mean it’s blowing out the water low carb. And I think people have wanting to have that extra thing of it. It’s not just low carb. You really have to moderate the protein. You really have to eat more fat. If you gonna do ketogenic. I don’t think everybody has to do ketogenic.

Howard: I have trouble doing ketogenic. Even on the days of very, very low carb. And even an hour after I’ve had a good dose of MCT oil.

Jimmy: Cheat a little bit.

Howard: I still just get to the first…

Jimmy: 5.5?

Howard: No, I use that Ketonix thing. I’ll get 4-5 flashes on the green.

Jimmy: Mine was always yellow or red.

Howard: I got up to one flash of yellow once.

Jimmy: So do you fast at all?

Howard: I have done some partial fasting.

Jimmy: What does that mean? 6 hours? 8 hours?

Howard: No, it’s calorie cycling per day. One day I don’t basically bother to count anything. I don’t eat sugar or bread and various things. Then I’ll count calories on alternate days and I keep it somewhere below about a thousand. Now if you really do the partial fasting that I’ve seen written about, you have to keep it below 500. But I think that’s actually for women.

Jimmy: I wouldn’t go below 500 as a guy.

Howard: Well, every other day…

Jimmy: Although the full out fast I think18 hours… 18-21 hours between meals.

Howard: And I typically only go for 24 hours. Last meal would be supper but I’ll have a bulletproof coffee in the morning and no lunch and then in the evening I’ll eat a salad typically with some raw carrot in it. That was one of the things that… I think that raw carrot actually reduces the appetite a little bit. Whereas cooked carrot makes me hungry. It’s the glycemic…

Jimmy: I don’t like carrots.

Howard: You don’t like carrots?

Jimmy: Skip it all together.

Georgene: I noticed your face just went kinda blank when we start talking about carrots.

Jimmy: You rock out those carrots. You can have my portion.

Georgene: Another way to do that is start talking to him about coffee.

Jimmy: Or IT. I’m out.

Howard: Well, you know… I do some MCT oil and butter… Kerigold.

Jimmy: And you count that as still fasting when you do that?

Howard: Well you know, it’s 100% fat. And in fasting we’re talking about partial fasting…

Jimmy: I know Dave Asprey thinks that that’s still fasting but anything with calories… more than 50 calories… you’re breaking the fast, in my opinion. But I mean maybe that would be something to experiment with Mister N equals 1-er. Take it out or at least count it as part of your food. Maybe hold off on it until a certain amount of time has passed and do a true 16-24 hours between and just see what happens.

Howard: I’ve done that once. I actually like the effects of the MCT and butter. And the idea is, okay, if you’re keeping something steady and your body just gets used to it. It just adjusts whatever it needs to do to keep you steady.

Jimmy: Homeostasis.

Howard: Homeostatis… loves to keep a particular weight or something like that depending on…

Jimmy: Tell me about it.

Howard: And so I don’t know what the mechanisms are. Well I have some idea what the mechanisms might be. But I don’t know of any good studies about that either. But I do think that the success that I’ve had with just the up and down calorie cycling thing would indicate that there might be some merit to that idea.

Jimmy: I know the set point research kind of points to that as well but you’re right there’s not a lot on homeostasis.

Howard: We all know homeostasis is the basis for addiction. Your first hit of cocaine makes you feel wonderful. Then on the second, you need a little more to get the same. Then you have to take it just to be normal.

Jimmy: Right. I got that way with sugar. You don’t get to drink 16 cans of coca cola a day without having a little more a little more. Trying to get that dopamine rush that Dana Carpenter talked about in her talk. Which I thought is fabulous.

Georgene: I did too.

Howard: That was probably the best.

Jimmy: 95% of what she was describing someone with that kind of compulsive… impulsive… I was like – Dang! See? I’m not only the one. ‘cuz she always complains about stuff… oh you have impulsive stuff too.

Christine: I go the opposite way.

Jimmy: Turning all the cans out to the front. In alphabetical order.

Howard: OCD.

Jimmy: Oh my God.

Christine: OCD, yup. So imagine us both together.

Jimmy: And if so I did this, that would drive…

Georgene: … parallel here. Because he is very much like you. You know… and you and I…

Jimmy: In cahoots.

Christine: So imagine… this is kind of a good segue to other stuff. But he just recently started taking a lot of vitamins and supplements. And so he had them all out on the counter and our house is small to begin with so I mean I have a hard time. So he had them all out in the counter and it’s driving me crazy.

Georgene: I can totally get that.

Jimmy: She puts them up in the cabinet. I go – it’s out of sight, I forget about it. I don’t know it’s there. Out of sight, out of mind.

Christine: I can’t handle it.

Jimmy: So when Dana said that, I went – that’s me. That’s totally me.

Christine: Stop!

Georgene: So Christine, when you go visit Dana, you and I probably have the same…

Christine: Yeah, it’s hard.

Georgene: I love her to death but…

Christine: I wanna straighten the whole place.

Georgene: Yes. I remember one time; Howard was posting on one of the internet groups about all his little various flavors of DaVinci syrup. And somebody suggested – well, just put them all out in the counter. And I’m like – noooo.

Christine: No.

Jimmy: Thie thing that makes it rough for us, we have a small house. She’s like – we have barely little room. I’m like – I know where everything is. Right there, right there, right there, right there I see it. And see, I got this stand; oh that was another thing I got this year that we didn’t talk about. I got a standing work desk now. So I do all my podcast now standing up. It’s like this humongous thing right by our front door. And it like comes up to here. I mean, it’s really tall. It’s been awesome. But I would have like books and people I’m interviewing and my recording equipment over here and she just goes… And I’m going – what’s the matter? She’s like – everything’s out. I’m like – Yup, I know where that is, that is, that is. Everything has a place in my mind but she wanted it clean. So one day, I just took it all off, put it in bags. I’m like – what am I supposed to do with the bags now? ‘cuz I need these stuff for my work.

Georgene: Put them all in the shelf and make another. That’s easy enough.

Jimmy: The label maker.

Howard: Back to Dana’s thing, I think it’s probably the best presentation she’s given so far.

Christine: Yeah.

Jimmy: And when I asked her to speak, I said, I know you’ve been doing a lot on this ADD and the addiction kinda connection. And she’s like – yeah, I know a lot about that. I said, talk. That’s what I want you to talk about. And I’m really glad she did. So yeah, she was one of the good ones so far on day 1 anyway.

Howard: It’s kind of interesting that we’ve got so much time before the…

Jimmy: Yeah. The last couple of years have been that way where we have like Day 1 of the conference and then there’s 3 days in ports. And then Day 2, Day 3 at the end of the cruise. But I think that’s good. I mean it was a lot to absorb yesterday. And I know all these stuff and I still was – whoa, it’s just a lot to absorb. But I think that’s good. Kinda take a break and then come back Friday. And then of course the Q&A session is always the…

Howard: Yeah, I’ve already got 6 or 7 questions.

Jimmy: I’m sure you do. Just don’t ask a question about alcohol, I’m so over it. That’s the one question that comes up every year on the low carb cruise. What about alcohol? And I’m going – ask them yourself. ‘cuz we’re not asking about that again.

Howard: Yeah, we’ve gone over that enough.

Jimmy: Yeah.

Howard: So what are your plans this coming year?

Jimmy: So besides the ketogenic cookbook coming out July 28th, I’ve been invited to speak in a few places… London… there’s a group in London at the pre-cruise dinner. You met Daryl Edwards?

Georgene: Yes.

Jimmy: The gentleman that did the exercise… the fitness explorer. He and I really are good friend. And so I said, you know, if you ever need a speaker… oh, Done… he let me get out ‘cuz he does like this group in London, he started it last year, called… what’s it called… Lateral Health? Anyway, it’s a conference he put on. It’s like a Paleo type conference. And he’s not explicitly low carb but he’s not antagonistic like some of the Paleo people can be. And so I was like, Daryl, I’m there. So we’ll go talk in late October. The event that happened in South Africa they also wanted to bring to London sometime later this year. But I haven’t heard anything about that one as of the recording of this.

Georgene: What about the cruise and there’s a couple of other things in Sweden, have you been?

Howard: Are we still running?

Georgene: The light is still on.

Howard: Okay.

Jimmy: We’re still on. They’ve invited me to speak on their Swedish Cruise. And of course they just go on the water and they come right back. They don’t really go anywhere.

Georgene: But they got a lot of people.

Jimmy: 600 people on there and so…

Howard: Captive audience :)

Jimmy: I know right? And they all understand English perfectly fine. So our nightmare is going on there and will be hearing Swedish.

Howard: We’ll give you a word of warning about London. Have you ever been in London?

Jimmy: Never been to Europe.

Howard: Well, London… be prepared for the sticker shock in the restaurants.

Jimmy: Oh I’m sure.

Howard: It’s gonna cost anywhere from 10-1 5 times as much to eat a meal in London than it does on the Continent.

Christine: So it’s kinda opposite of what South Africa was.

Jimmy: I was just about to get to that, in South Africa, it was the opposite. They have this currency called Rand. And I wanna say 1 Rand was like 9 cents. And so you could get for like 300 Rand a fillet mignon steak. So do the math there. That’s not bad. Not bad at all. So maybe half the price you ate in there.

Howard: Fillet Mignon in London, be prepared to pay somewhere around a hundred dollars.

Jimmy: No, I would be prepared to fast.

Georgene: Well you’ll be with a group. And you know, they’ll have food. You won’t starve to death.

Howard: And even the cheapest meals that I saw in London were really… thirty…

Jimmy: Is it ‘cuz the pound transfer is so strange or?

Georgene: No. It’s just more expensive over there so it might be…

Howard: No it’s just an expensive place.

Jimmy: I’m sorry.

Howard: It’s just an expensive place.

Jimmy: An expensive place. Yeah. It’s London. It’s like New York.

Howard: Only it’s worse.

Jimmy: Yeah. I’ve never been to Europe so it’ll be fun.

Howard: Now over in Germany we could eat out an entire week for what 1 meal cost in London. So if you ever get the chance to go over to Germany or Belgium…

Jimmy: Italy is where we go.

Georgene: Really?

Jimmy: ‘cuz she has family that are from there. Your grandmother?

Christine: My grandmother is from a little town called Altamonte in the region of Cosenza which is, like if you’re looking at the boot, it’s where the laces would be like right there. Somewhere right there. So it’s Southern Italy. And yeah, I’ve always wanted to go.

Georgene: Maybe you’ll have an opportunity…

Christine: I hope so.

Jimmy: One of these days.

Christine: But you were mentioning…

Howard: Buy my ketogenic cookbook.

Christine: I know right? I wanna go see my family’s heritage. No. You were mentioning about possible Australia trip later this year too.

Jimmy: Yeah, we’re still talking about…

Howard: Anyway, you mentioned going to Australia again.

Jimmy: Possibly yeah. This lady’s like, “You wanna come back?” Yeah. Of course. And so that’s kinda the neat thing in few years since the big success with Keto Clarity, I’m getting a lot more opportunities to speak internationally. It’s funny ‘cuz in my own home state in South Carolina, if you say my name, nobody knows… but I can go around the world and it’s just funny. Just kind of a weird…

Georgene: That can be a good thing though. From what I understand, there are some down sides to celebrity.

Jimmy: Oh I wouldn’t want to be known where people would stalk you and that kinda thing in your hometown.

Howard: So you got a pretty full year.

Jimmy: Yeah and I’m trying to learn to chill a little more too. So I’m always doing the podcasts and I’m about to hit episode 1000 in August of livinlavidalowcarb show.

Howard: And I do about 12 a year.

Jimmy: Well, haven’t been doing in a while. But yeah, I mean, I’m trying learn to chill a little more. ‘cuz as you are eluded at the beginning dealing with some of the… not necessarily stress… it’s kind of an overused word but it’s kind of impacting some of my health numbers. I think just the drive to get the message out. I’ve worn myself out.

Howard: Youre dealing with adrenal failure?

Jimmy: No it’s technically, medically it’s anemia. My iron levels are really low which is then affecting my cortisol levels making them low. Which all these kinda down regulations thing… I’m trying to find what’s the fire? What’s started all these and so then we could fix that?

Howard: I saw your whole bunch of post even from folks like Jack Kruse who are doing this arm chair diagnosis.

Christine: Jack Kruse has gone off the deep end. I’m sorry.

Howard: Well Jack Kruse is just another M.D. who is unable to determine where his expertise ends. And that’s unfortunately very common amongst M.D. More common than almost any other professions as a matter of fact.

Jimmy: Yeah. Well I’m appreciative of all the input. And I’ve heard everything from – Oh you might have an upper GI to colon cancer. Really? Okay. Well at least I hear all the opinions.

Christine: We’re gonna take care of it once we get home.

Howard: You need to go lay out in the sun some more which probably wouldn’t hurt.

Jimmy: I go out on the sun every single day. And that’s a good point. People assume they know what I do. I’ve seen things – oh he’s gotta be eating donuts on the side.

Christine: I’m sorry, I think I would know if he was eating donuts on the side.

Jimmy: Doesn’t even sound good. Donuts… Rat poison.

Howard: Perfect trifecta of Gluten and gliadin and trans-fats… and sugar bombs.

Christine: A sugar fat, salt bomb…

Jimmy: Pretty much.

Howard: Okay, well we’ve used up…

Jimmy: Is it… that’s all folks?

Howard: We’ve used up more than 30 minutes.

Jimmy: I know you would. He said it would be 30 minutes. I said no it won’t.

Georgene: Smart guy. You know.

Jimmy: Well I’m a gabber too so…

Howard: And then I get to download that shortly and see how good… Hey Jimmy, we need you…

Jimmy: But wait… No… Sorry… I’m a best seller author now, you can’t… just kidding.

Georgene: This is why we always put you early on the rotation so if there’s a problem we know that you’re cooperative.

Jimmy: Always.

Christine: We try to go with the flow.

Howard: Definitely appreciate you guys stopping by and volunteering to be the first.

Jimmy: Oh we’re the first?

Howard: Oh yeah, you’re the first.

Georgene: Most people don’t get up this early.

Howard: Next up is Tom Naughton and his daughters.

Jimmy: That’s gonna be fun.

Christine: That will be fun.

Howard: Oh should I say Tom Naughton’s daughters. And, incidentally…

Jimmy: I was gonna say and Tom will be there too. They are adorable.

Howard: They really are. And we got them as dining partners.

Jimmy: Oh very nice. You got to hear their personalities. Alana is the quieter one.

Christine: No actually Sarah is the quieter one, isn’t she?

Jimmy: I’m talking about as far as the… you know Sarah will talk your head off. And she’s much more cerebral. Alana is more like a little girl.

Christine: Yeah she’s more bouncy.

Howard: Alana is more kinda sits there quietly and listens. And Sarah is like asking questions.

Jimmy: Yes. So what do you think about [garbled]? She’s so cerebral for a 10 year old.

Howard: I actually came up with a word she didn’t know.

Jimmy: I’m gonna look that up when I get home. Yeah, we stayed with them about a week in the summer every year we go up to Franklin and Tom and I play the Frisbee golf. Hang with them… it’s always fun.

Howard: They are really delightful. I’m looking forward to getting a video with them.

Jimmy: And Tom’s talk was supposed to have the girls as part of it. That was one of the things that I asked. And then they chickened out the last second. Dad you can do it. One of them had a 4-H project they needed to get done or something. It was end of the school year. And Alana was just – no.

Howard: I think you can punch the button.

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