Interview with Jimmy and Christine Moore on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise

As mentioned in an earlier post, our very first attempt at recording a podcast was with Jimmy Moore and his wife, Christine. This was at the first port of call on the cruise, at Montego Bay. Georgene & I have been to Montego Bay several times, and it is one of our least favorite ports (check out the razor wire in the photo I took from our balcony for a hint as to why that might be the case), so we didn’t bother to get off the ship.

Since we didn’t particularly care to disembark in Montego Bay, we did some exploring on the ship instead. Here is a shot of the trademark Carnival “whale tail” visible behind the water park:Jimmy & Christine spent the morning with the Dungans on an excursion to a “haunted house.” After they returned, they were gracious enough to come by our cabin to chat. Jimmy was wearing a really interesting T-shirt. Here’s a close-up –>

I’m going to have to ask Jimmy where he got that, because I haven’t been able to find one like it so far.

Jimmy is a much more experienced interviewer than I am (and it shows in the recording). I had intended to keep the recording really short, but that ended up being difficult to do for two reasons: 1) Jimmy and Christine are really interesting people, and 2) I managed to take up way too much time rambling on random topics. Afterward, Jimmy being the good friend that he is,  discussed with me some of the mistakes that I made, and gave me several tips for improving future interviews.

Jimmy and Christine Moore, on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise

Christine was a bit “under the weather,” although you really couldn’t tell without asking, because she was her usual cheerful & friendly self. When we ended the session, we had a recording nearly an hour long, a lot of which was my random ramblings — which is why I didn’t post the recording in my earlier post (for starters, WordPress won’t let me upload a media file larger than 10 Mb, and the raw recording was over 50 Mb). Since then, I have spent some time editing out the topic drifts and smalltalk, and I’m finally ready to post the result. It’s highly compressed, so if you have problems playing it, please let me know!

Podcast notes:

  • Jimmy and Christine’s problems with the hotel just before the cruise that put a damper on the first few days
  • Why Jimmy cuts up liver into little “pills” and freezes them for Christine
  • The dramatic changes in Christine’s blood tests shortly after she got serious about low-carb
  • Jimmy’s mysterious cholesterol problem, and what he’s doing about it
  • What Jimmy’s new low-carb-friendly doctor discovered about his various hormone levels
  • The results of their heart scans, which they took after encouragement by Dr. Davis (author of Wheat Belly)
  • The original inspiration for Jimmy’s “N=1” experiments
  • What Jimmy thinks of MCT oil and “Bulletproof Coffee
  • Jimmy’s continuing struggle with his weight, and how he continues to work on it
  • Why Jimmy is taking the month of May off from blogging and podcasting
  • Jimmy’s next N=1 experiment

As mentioned, I edited out a bunch of my own rambling so that the overall recording would be somewhat higher quality (as well as much shorter). I hope to have another opportunity to speak with Jimmy and Christine after I have developed some more skill as an interviewer.

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