Let’s Add “Healthy Whole Grains” to EVERYTHING!

Georgene just showed me a article in the Smithsonian Magazine that made me physically ill. The title is “Can Technology Save Breakfast?”. The link is to the web article; we get the print edition.

The tagline in the print edition differs from the one on the web: “Experiments at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, aim to add whole grains to drink mixes.”

As my friend Tom Naughton would say: HEAD. BANG. ON. DESK.

The author, Corby Kummer, is obviously completely taken in by the health claims made for “whole grains” even though he says he has read David Kessler’s book The End of Overeating (Kindle edition), and even admits indirectly to a food addiction involving wheat:

Like all professional food people, I have food peculiarities. One is that I am incapable of keeping a box of dry cereal in my cupboard without consuming it in a very short period—say, before daybreak.


Anyone who had read Dr. DavisWheat Belly (Kindle edition) knows that only reason for the addition of wheat to any food is to take advantage of the appetite-stimulating action of gliadin and amylopectin-A, which makes people want to eat more, and therefore buy more of that product. Which, in turn, increases the profits of the outfit selling the stuff.


Call to action: Here is the Smithsonian feedback link. You know what to do. You can also post a comment on the article itself. If you leave feedback there, or post a comment to the article, please leave a comment below indicating that you did so, just in case the moderation policy at the Smithsonian includes deleting anything short of glowing praise for this drivel.

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