My 2nd Podcast, This Time With Tom Naughton

Tom Naughton

Yes, that Tom Naughton!

I had the opportunity to interview Tom this afternoon, and we spent about a half-hour chatting. I got about 20 minutes worth of recording. This time, I implemented some of the tips that Jimmy Moore gave me, and the result was quite a bit easier to work with (Thanks, Jimmy!!). In case you are wondering, I’m still working on editing the Jimmy Moore interview, and I hope to have it ready to post soon.

My first attempt to upload the MP3 of the chat with Tom Naughton resulted in an error message telling me that the file was too big, so I had to go back and re-export. I think this one worked, but I got a warning about the sample rate might not be compatible with some players, so I hope that you are able to hear it. You should be able to click on the link at the end of this post and either listen to the podcast online, or download the MP3 for later listening.

Tom Naughton Interview Notes

  • How Tom encouraged me to write my story about gluten
  • Why I decided to start the N=1 Health blog.
  • Tom’s farm report, and how he manages to keep up with a full-time job while keeping up the farm and selling his Fathead movie and blogging.
  • We spoke of old and new friends met on the cruise.
  • How Dr. Davis influenced Tom to get a glucose meter and do his own N=1 experiments.
  • Why it’s important to check your blood sugar even if you are not diabetic.
  • How Tom has managed to get even leaner than he was on last year’s cruise, by fasting once a week.
  • Why last year’s panel was so opposed to fasting (Jackie Eberstein, in particular).
  • How (and why) Tom relaxes his diet a bit on cruise vacation, especially with regard to wine.
  • How Tom met his wife in an acting class in Chicago.
  • How Tom’s wife came to an understanding of nutrition even though she never had a weight problem.
  • The story of Abe Lincoln and the horsefly.
  • How Tom migrated from “just” low-carb to mostly “paleo” in order to focus on diet quality more than just carb count.
  • How (and why) he does a one-meal-per-week “free” meal.
  • Is dairy paleo?
  • What comes after Fathead? Tom spoke about his new focus on educating children about nutrition.

Thank you, Tom for taking a portion of your very busy cruise schedule to come chat with us!

Edit: Tom wrote me to tell me that the audio had a problem. Sure enough, I had uploaded the wrong file. Meanwhile, I learned a bit more about Audacity, and I was able to compress the file to about half of its original size, which I hope makes it easier to download for mobile devices.

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