N=1 Cruise Experiment

MarinerOfTheSeasIn my cruise of last autumn, I managed to stay weight-stable (I lost about the same amount as my normal daily fluctuation, so I don’t count that as a definite loss).

After I returned from the cruise, I slacked off a bit, and as a result, gained about 10 lbs over the next 2 months.

I decided to try for some weight loss on a cruise we took in January.

My general approach was:

  • Nothing sweet
  • Nothing wheat
  • Fish at every meal
  • Nothing but coffee/cream between meals (we brought some cream with us)

I managed to stick with the plan almost 100%. The exceptions:

  • Occasional small taste of a dessert item
  • There was one lunch at which the only fish entree was breaded, so I skipped fish for that meal
  • Sugar-Free Ice Cream

    Sugar-Free Ice Cream for dessert last night of the cruise.

    I had a dessert of sugar-free ice cream for dinner on the last night

In general, I felt that I had done better on this cruise than I did on the last. So, how did I do?

Weight stable. No loss, no gain. That was a bit of a disappointment, but on the positive side, I know that I can cruise, eat plenty of tasty food, never go hungry, and still not gain weight.

I’ve trimmed a couple of pounds since the cruise, but as I get older, the process seems to go slower.

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