Interview with Jimmy and Christine Moore on the 2013 Low-Carb Cruise

Snapshot 3 (7-6-2013 1-30 PM)

You’ll just have to watch the video to figure this one out!

I had the opportunity to visit with Jimmy and Christine Moore again this year, and this time, I managed to get the interview on video (last year, I did an audio-only recording). Actually, the first take was a disaster because yours truly forgot to check the microphone, and we went through the whole thing with no sound. Jimmy and Christine, being the wonderfully gracious folks they are, agreed to re-do the whole interview, so the recording session ended up taking over an hour instead of the 30 minutes that I had initially promised them.

Fortunately, I think the 2nd shoot turned out a bit better.

I’m really glad we weren’t rushed for time like we were with the Dave Asprey interview!

Here’s our interview:


  • It’s Christine’s turn to do an “n=1” ketone experiment.
  • Jimmy’s new book, Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is wrong with my numbers? will be available August 27th, 2013. It is available for pre-order now.
  • Jimmy was sporting a new buzz-cut. He explains the reason behind his new “do.”
  • He’s already working on his next book “Keto Clarity” and he’s looking for suggestions for a catchy sub-title. He’s thinking of having a contest for that.
  • We discussed non-weight-related health goals.
  • I’m officially jealous over Jimmy and Christine’s Australian tour!
  • How Jimmy made the “leap of faith” to go into full-time blogging and podcasting.
  • Can you make a living from losing 100 lbs?

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