Interview with Debbie and Mark Abbott on LCC 2014

Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott. Photo used by permission from Debbie and Mark Abbott

Would you believe the guy in the photo to the left is 50 years old? That is Mark Abbott, and he celebrated his 50th birthday in April of this year. The photo is linked to a recent article he wrote on their blog, Rock Solid Nutrition and Wellness.

His wife, Debbie, also looks like she is in her early 30’s.

Debbie and Mark were pointed out to me by Debbie Hubbs about the 2nd or 3rd evening of the cruise. She told me, “You have got to speak with these guys!”

I’m glad I got to do just that. I went over to their table, and introduced myself, and managed to talk them into coming up to the cabin for an interview between the end of the next day’s presentations and dinner. Turned out that they were planning to skip dinner anyway.

Here is the video of our chat:


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:00 Keeping testosterone up with 5 females in the household
  • 01:15 How Debbie and Mark got into Low-Carb
  • 01:40 Some poor diet choices in the early days
  • 02:50 Low-fat & diet products initially worked because they were young and active
  • 04:00 Lots of veggies probably helped
  • 04:40 Mark was finding that on low-fat, he was having to constantly eat to maintain energy levels
  • 05:40 Mark never had a bad weight problem, but he finds that he is more productive and less hungry on low-carb
  • 06:20 Started with Atkins’ and Eades’ books in 2000
  • 07:00 Discovered Jimmy Moore
  • 07:50 Tried low-carb AND low-fat for a while, slowly increased fat
  • 08:15 The end of snacking
  • 08:50 Mutiny in the Abbott household! But Debbie prevailed
  • 10:30 Got tired of being hungry, added lots of fat
  • 11:40 Differences attributed to low-carb & real food
  • 13:00 Testosterone & strength training
  • 14:10 Even women need to do strength training
  • 15:00 Getting more sleep was beneficial
  • 17:15 Bulletproof coffee — too weak or too strong?
  • 18:00 The Final Question…
  • 20:00 Mark’s super-secret plans for the near future

UPDATE: Here is the secret that Mark asked me not to spill until he made the official announcement. Debbie and Mark have been published in the Huffington Post.

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