Interview with Christine and Jimmy Moore on LCC 2014

JimmyAndChristine2014I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about having gotten so many interviews on this year’s Low Carb Cruise, when Mrs. N=1 asked me if I had done any posts on the various presentations.


I guess I’ll have to do that later. I do have some brief notes that I took, so I should be able to do a summary of the sessions after I get through with the videos.

First up for this year’s Low-Carb Cruise interviews is Christine and Jimmy Moore. Mrs. N=1 and I had the great good fortune to draw seats at the same table with Christine and Jimmy for dinner, so I had the opportunity to talk them into coming up to my cabin on the first night. I wanted to get to them first, since I knew that Jimmy had a killer schedule with running the seminars and finishing up his new book, and would probably be impossible to get to later. So, still in our first-day green LCC T-shirts, we gathered in our cabin immediately after dinner, with Mrs. N=1 managing the camera.

This time, I did a sound check so that we could do the whole thing in one sitting!

Despite my efforts to keep it under 30 minutes, Christine and Jimmy were so engaging that I lost track of the time, and went a bit over.

Jimmy gave me a scoop on his next big project, which you will learn about in the video below. Enjoy!


  • 00:00 Intro and catch-up
  • 04:36 Use of ketones to treat Alzheimer’s, and Dr. Mary Newport’s new site
  • 05:30 Cholesterol Clarity
  • 07:30 Dr. Wm Davis’ new book due out this Fall
  • 10:05 Jonathan Bailor
  • 11:00 Christine’s thyroid issues, & where they got a complete thyroid panel for $225 (there are several other online blood test services — just search for “Lab Tests Online”)
  • 18:15 Plans for the stop in the Bahamas (that port of call got canceled the next day due to high winds)
  • 18:30 Jimmy and Christine get locked out of their cabin.
  • 18:40 Scoop on Jimmy’s next big project!
  • 22:15 Resistant starch
  • 16:30 Discussing Paleo
  • 17:16 Low-carb junk food is JUNK food
  • 29:00 The final question

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Cholesterol Clarity (2013 – Victory Belt Publishing)
Keto Clarity (Scheduled for August 2014 – Victory Belt Publishing)

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