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Interview with Christine and Jimmy Moore on LCC 2014

I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about having gotten so many interviews when Mrs. N=1 asked me if I had done any posts on the various presentations.


I guess I’ll have to do that later. I do have some brief notes that I took, so I should be able to do a summary of the sessions after I get through with the videos. Continue reading

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The 2014 Low-Carb Cruise

It’s that time of year again. Mrs. N=1 and I are on the 2014 Low-Carb Cruise. The photo to the left shows the approach to St. Thomas from the Viking Crown lounge on deck 14 aft on the RCL Freedom of the Seas. The photo is linked to my wife’s book on how to get the most out of your cruise vacation. Continue reading

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Interview with Armi Legge

Armi Legge was a regular co-host on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Executive podcasts a few years back, but shortly after I started listening to the Bulletproof Podcast, Armi disappeared. A month or so ago, I ran into him again, and asked him if he was interested in doing a video interview with me, and he agreed. Continue reading

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The Only Significant Variable in any Nutritional “Study”

Over on Andreas Eenfeldt’s blog, there is a long, ongoing back-and-forth battle in the comments on this post between some ignoramus who is repeatedly pointing out how all the “studies” prove that grain (and fiber) are good for everyone, including the other readers of that blog. (He did make an exception for celiacs). Continue reading

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Interview with Sally Krumdiack, Women’s MMA Champion, on Low-Carb

I first met Sally on the 2012 Low-Carb Cruise. Like me, she came in early for each of the educational sessions so she could sit on the first row. We ended up sitting next to each other for most of the sessions.

I noticed that she was intensely focused on each speaker. I didn’t actually speak with her at any length during that cruise, but I did learn that she was a women’s MMA fighter, and was very well-ranked. Continue reading

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An Interview With Scott Merritt: Farming the Pastured/Grass-Fed Way

One of the folks that I had the privilege of chatting with while I was on the May 2013 Low-Carb Cruise was Scott Merritt, who discovered low-carb about 6 years ago. Since that time, in an effort to gain more control over his own food supply, Scott went to the extreme of purchasing his own farm. Continue reading

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No Wheat, No Sweet

In addition to the interviews that I did with some of the celebrities on the May Low-Carb Cruise, I was interviewed by Terry Richard, the guy who did all Read more […]

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