WHO says to cut Sugar Consumption to 5%-10% of Diet

Back when I was a teenager, my aunt "informed" me that fat was bad, and sugar was ok because there were only 18 calories in a teaspoon. That little Read more [...]
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Interview with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt

I had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt via Skype. Dr. Ballerstedt came to my attention a couple of months ago when a link to his site Read more [...]
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Paleo Achieves FAD Status!

Last week, I wrote about the Coconut Oil fad. Well, this week's discovery tops that. The new fad is Paleo. How's that, you ask? Some background Read more [...]
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Spotting a Nutritional Fad

<---Don't buy this! You've probably heard about the wonderful effects of coconut oil. I recall reading an interesting report some 6 or 7 years Read more [...]
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Green Eggs and Ham

My current client has an internal mailing list that is a more-or-less "free-for-all" somewhat like Craigslist. It is used for non-business discussions Read more [...]
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Stephan Guyenet’s Presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium

I watched the presentation "Causes of Leptin Resistance" by Stephan Guyenet at the Ancestral Health Symposium, and found it very interesting. And a Read more [...]
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Julian Bakery Fraud

Some time ago, Jimmy Moore outed the fraudulent advertising of Julian Bakery by doing some actual testing. He even modified the test after protests by the frauds at Julian Bakery, and found the results to be even worse than they were from the first round Read more [...]
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