Irresponsible Hachet Job on Low-Carb Diets

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There is a recent abstract in Pubmed that announces in the title that low-carb diets are really bad for diabetics. Really scary stuff! Especially if you have followed a low-carb diet for over a decade, like I have.

But wait, what about the actual study data? In the full text of the study, I found the following table:

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As it turns out, nearly all of the fat used in this study was partially-hydrogenated corn oil. Synthetic lubricant. Metabolic poison.┬áThis fact was carefully omitted from the abstract. The “researchers” that put out this sorry excuse for a study want you to believe that all fats are the same, even though real scientists showed over two decades ago that trans-fats are not something that anyone should eat. Not even rats.

Oh, wait — it says “Hydrogenated,” not “Partially-Hydrogenated.” But from the 14% trans-fat content, it is apparent that the corn oil was partially, not fully, hydrogenated, so that row is incorrectly labelled (and I doubt that was accidental).

What the “researchers” (Park S, Kim da S, Kang S, Daily JW 3rd.) actually demonstrated (aside from a lack of intellectual honesty) was that trans-fat is bad for rats. Duh.

Such crap is sadly typical of what passes for “research” in the field of nutrition.

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