Interview With Sally Krumdiak on the 2014 LCC

Sally2014I got a really good interview with Sally last year, and I was very happy to be able to do a follow-up this year. Last year, it took her a few minutes to get over her nervousness, but once she got into her stride, we had a fabulous chat. This year, she said she was a bit nervous when we first started, but it only took her a few seconds to really get in the groove.

Which is really amazing, considering what that young lady has to do in order to deal with her multiple food sensitivities. For starters, she has to bring all of her meals for the week.

Yes, on a cruise.

I’m pretty sure I would not have what it takes to put up with that. But Sally does, and still keeps her good cheer.  I guess that goes along with being very, very determined, which is what one must be to overcome some of the challenges Sally has experienced.

This has been a good year for Sally, and most of our chat was dealing with how her new fitness bootcamp was doing.

This interview was a lot more laid-back than last year’s, and I managed to get so absorbed in the chat that I went a bit over 30 minutes.  We hope you will enjoy it as much as Georgene and I did.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:05 Things she misses (and doesn’t miss) about MMA
  • 01:50 Her current business
  • 02:30 Fitness training as a doorway to eating better
  • 02:50 Packing a week’s worth of food!
  • 03:30 Bulletproof Coffee using ghee (minus the MCT)
  • 06:10 Resistant starch
  • 07:20 Podcasts she follows
  • 09:20 8-Week Bootcamps
  • 11:20 How LCHF helps her bootcamp attendees get better results
  • 18:00 Introversion vs. shyness
  • 21:45 Fitness begins in the kitchen
  • 25:20 Her reluctance to teach MMA
  • 27:00 Sitting & watching at dinner, instead of eating
  • 30:00 Probiotics
  • 33:30 Her problems with confrontation and trolls
  • 34:00 The Final Question

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