Julian Bakery Fraud

Tom Naughton

Tom Naughton

Some time ago, Jimmy Moore outed the fraudulent advertising of Julian Bakery by doing some actual testing. He even modified the test after protests by the frauds at Julian Bakery, and found the results to be even worse than they were from the first round. Dr. Eenfeldt ran similar tests, and also found that the Julian Bakery advertising was fraudulent.

Then a 64-year-old lady named Deborah Krueger read about the Julian Bakery fraud, and went to the expense of running a test at an independent lab. That indirectly lead to the frauds at Julian Bakery getting reprimanded and fined by the FDA.

The response by the criminals who run Julian Bakery was to issue a series of vicious, personal attacks against Jimmy Moore, Dr. Eenfeldt, and many other prominent bloggers who dared to “out” their fraud.

Julian Bakery needs to go out of business, and the frauds who run it need to find something more productive and less intellectually-demanding to do. The manufacture of license plates, under strict supervision, springs to mind.

JimmyWithShortHairI was actually going to write a much longer post, but a friend of mine, Tom Naughton, did a couple of posts on them (here and here), and he did a better job of it than I could.

So I will just close here with an observation about the attacks on Jimmy Moore and Tom Naughton: If you are going to engage in a battle of wits with Tom and Jimmy, it’s a really bad idea to go into it unarmed.

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