Interview with Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. on the 2014 Low Carb Cruise

JackieGeorgene and I had heard Jackie Eberstein speak on each of the Low-Carb Cruises that we have attended, including this one, but this is the first time I got to chat with her one-on-one.  We were both struck by how generous Jackie is with her time, and how friendly and gregarious she is with all the cruise participants.

Jackie served as Dr. Atkins’ office nurse for nearly 30 years.   As a result, she became an expert on his methods as they evolved, as well as his plans for the future. The story about how she initially got that job is really interesting!

You’ll note that everything changes in the middle of the recording — the lighting, and even the clothes. That’s because I experienced a technical problem (ok, I screwed up…) and had to do the rest of the interview the next day. Jackie was extremely generous with her time, especially considering that she and Conrad were celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary on the cruise.

This concludes the series of interviews we did on the cruise. I think that they all turned out really well, especially considering my lack of experience as an interviewer. We enjoyed all of them.

I think that the interview with the lady who was in on the ground floor of the Low-Carb revolution is a fitting one to use as the conclusion of this series.


  • 00:00 Jacqueline Eberstein worked for Dr. Atkins for almost 30 years, and closed the practice after his death
  • 00:30 Dr. Atkins still doesn’t get the credit he deserves
  • 01:20 The Fateful Interview with Dr. Atkins — “Frankly, Dr. Atkins, I think you’re a quack.”
  • 02:58 “Can you start work on Monday?”
  • 03:30 The reason Dr. Atkins hired her
  • 03:55 41st wedding anniversary of Jackie & Conrad (boy was I ever lucky to get this interview!)
  • 04:25 She organized 11 Atkins Cruises (and says she “became addicted to cruising”)
  • 05:40 Another pioneer in low-carb was Dr. Hermann Taller, author of Calories Don’t Count (out of print, but available used)
  • 07:15 Atkins would take T2 diabetics off of their medications to prevent abnormally low blood sugars after starting carbohydrate restriction
  • 12:25 Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution
  • 14:30 Changes in the Atkins products after his death
  • 15:40 Over-extension of the Atkins products business and Chapter 11
  • 16:05 Jackie left the Atkins company in 2005
  • 16:15 She now works with Veronica Atkins as a consultant
  • 17:00 She has a blog, but doesn’t think of herself as a blogger
  • 19:15 Advice for somebody who lost a lot of weight but didn’t reach goal
  • 20:55 Magnesium for blood pressure

Jackie sent this note about the most effective forms of magnesium: “Bob used magnesium orotate the most because it was well absorbed. It can be hard to find. Others he used were magnesium citrate, magnesium taurate and chelated magnesium.

  • 21:00 Camera malfunction — we resumed the next day
  • 22:35 Many Americans are deficient in many nutrients
  • 23:00 Best types of magnesium
  • 24:30 Co-Q10 helps with blood pressure, but you have to take enough
  • 27:05 Resistant starch?
  • 31:15 Total Cholesterol is not very important
  • 34:40 The Final Question

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